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Ing. Alois Hofer, Managing DirectorCompany

Name: Ing. Alois Hofer, CEO
Address: A-8322 Siegersdorf 41
Mobil: +43 676 54 48 1 28

Member of the Austrian chamber of commerce
Specialized group: Management consulting and information technology
Occupational group: Management consultant
UID-Number: ATU57385001

Mission statement
Having worked, very successfully within the international management of the automotive industry for more then 30 years, I personally want, that every customer will prosper due to our activities and be satisfied with our services that much, that they will promote us continuously to others. Further the impact we make with our services and activities should guarantee and make sure, that following generations of mankind will have and take over a healthy planet worth living on.
"My daily lived maxime is, what counts: Continuity in Performance, Quality and Sustainability!"

1963-1967 federal trade school for tool & die maker in the city of Weiz, Austria. Graduated with "skilled worker licence"
1968-1973 federal college of mechanical technology & research. Higher level of engineering in the city of Graz, Austria. Graduated with "Ing." degree.
1973-1974 Austrian armed forces, honourable discharge
1976 federal institute of mechanics in the city of Graz, Austria.Graduated with "Masters degree in mechanics".
1980-1987 Management seminars in Toronto.
1988-2004 Management seminars in Frankfurt, Vienna and Graz.

1967 visiting Toronto, Ottawa and the EXPO 67 in Montreal. Besides I worked as a toolmaker in Toronto for 4 weeks.
1980 Immigration to Canada.
1987 professional transfer to Europe, Frankfurt/Germany.
1995 professional transfer to Austria, European Head office.
2004 Foundation of "Hofer Automotive International Consulting & Services".

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A-8322 Siegersdorf 41