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Project 14 (2009 - dato)
An Engineering -& Development Partnership towards Series production start –up and worldwide Marketing & Sales of a brand new and highly innovative automotive transmission, what will be entitled to revolutionize future applications in powertrain technology.

Project 13 (2008 - 2009)
Sales Manager & Business Development Manager for worldwide new Business-/customers for fully automated Assembly lines used in Series production for transmissions and as well inline  test benches(NVH etc.)

Project 12 (2008)
Purchasing Manager
for critical parts on an engine project to source from new Suppliers. Main targets were delivery on time,quality and price. Further to train personal of Purchasing department.Besides, the prices could be reduced by 20 to 50%.

Project 11 ( 2007-2008 )
Sales Manager und Key Account Manager
for an automotive Tier 2 Supplier. Stampings, welded Assemblies out of production Plants from CEE countries.

Project 10 (2008)
Plant & Production Manager
for a machinery and eqipment manufacturing company to improve productivity and organize a new production start up.

Projekt 9 (2005)
Start up strategic global business development for series production parts

Director Marketing & Sales for an Engine Systems GmbH, a member of an Racing Systems Ag. Responsible to establish the worldwide series production business as well as for a Slovakian company to establish the European customer base as TIER 2 and possibly TIER 1 supplier.

Project 8 (1997 - 2004) same time
Start up middle & east European contacts in the automotive industry
Initiated first meetings for business development in Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine etc.

Project 7 (1997 - 2004)
Start up European customer base for Class A stamping plant
Director Sales & Marketing, Magna, Cosma-Europe, Cologne, Germany
Within the stamping group I managed all Sales & Marketing activities for the successful business in class A stampings and assemblies for the Daimler-Chrysler programs, Jeep Cherokee and Voyager Minivan as well as for the programs of the Saab convertible and BMW X3 series.
Within this time I managed sales of about € 80 Mio/year.

Project 6 (1994 - 1997)
Start up strategic business units & related customer contacts in Europe

Sales & Marketing Manager/Europe for Magna groups in Europe
Responsible to establish new strategic business, the Door- and Seating business.
- Executive Account Manager for Ford Europe
- strategic projects within Europe like Joint ventures and Take over projects.
The substantial growth of Magna within Europe speaks for itself.
- Sales activities within BMW for the steering wheel & safety systems group
- Sales & Marketing Manager for the newly formed Engineering Centre GmbH located at the European head office in Austria.

Project 5 (1987 - 1994)
Start up new production plant in Gelnhausen, Germany

Technical Director & 2nd Managing Director, Magna International GmbH
in Gelnhausen nearby Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany.
- Responsible for planning of production layout and installation of presses etc.
- ordering test-, production- and assembly equipment and coordinated their installation up to production start up.
- establish supplier base
- transfer and implement engineering and production technology from Canada
- establish and lead a product engineering team
- product presentations and quotations for series production to customers.
1994 I achieved Sales of about € 110 Mio with 250 employees.

Project 4 (1985 - 1986)
Start up business relations with European automotive Industry

Product & Project Manager for Europe, Magna, Litens-Tesma, Toronto
I was responsible to establish first contacts to the European automotive industry like Ford, GM-Opel, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Fiat, PSA, Renault, Volvo, Saab, Rover and Lotus.
I initiated and started first visits ,meetings and presentations with VP`s of Purchasing & Engineering.
- started first projects with all customer and handled requests and quotations to the customer out of my office in Toronto, Canada.

Project 3 (1984 - 1985)
Product development for a new plant in Toronto

Group Product & Project Manager, Magna, Maple-Tesma, Toronto
I had the tasks to develop a semi-hydraulic engine strut.
- process and production planning up to production start up.

Project 2 (1982 - 1984)
Start up a new production plant in Toronto, Canada

Project Manager, Magna, Polyrim Inc., Toronto, Canada
Responsible to start up the first front and rear bumper plant (of RIM and RRIM material).
- plant layout, process- and material flow, planning/capital investment of equipment for production including paint facility.
- all installations up to successful production start up.

Project 1 (1980 - 1982)
Research & Development work in Toronto, Canada

Corporate Project Engineer, Magna International, Toronto, Canada
Responsible for the development of an process, to obtain crude oil out of the oil sands.
- Calculate and built a small scale prototype to simulate the processing steps
- start first tests and do evaluations of each process step
- calculate material mass balances and energy balances
- feasibility studies on a full size basis.


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